The rapid development in science and technology has led us to The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Inevitably, this has brought changes in many sectors and aspects in life. Characterized by new sophisticated technologies created by fusion of physical, digital and biological worlds, The Fourth Industrial Revolution offers a wide range of possibilities on how we can transform the resources to meet our needs. However, along with the possibilities, new questions and challenges also emerge. Sustainability remains a crucial issue on how the industrial sectors use technology to explore and utilize resources. our media-partners.

The 1st International Conference on Science and Technology for Sustainable Industry (ICSTSI) is organized as a collaboration between The Institution of Research and Standardization of Industry Banjarbaru (Balai Riset dan Standardisasi Industri Banjarbaru) and The Chemistry Department of Lambung Mangkurat University.

The theme of the conference is “Emerging Science and Technology as A Solution for Global Challenge on Research and Technology Based on Sustainable Resources”, where a number of sub-themes will be covered. We cordially invite you to submit your papers to be presented in this conference. The papers would be peer-reviewed by our scientific committee, and would have the opportunity to be published in our media-partners.